B & G Update: September 20, 2015

Buildings and Grounds Update

Have we raised the roof of the church?  No, but it certainly feels that way now that the ceiling has been painted!

A project of this size naturally generates questions.  Please keep them coming!

Does the ceiling need more paint?  After extensive preparation, the ceiling received two coats of high quality paint.  The ceiling boards are of the same rough-sawn 100-year-old timber as the still-dark trusses.  Rough sawn wood has a textured appearance.  The former dark ceiling also showed texture but was too dark to easily notice.  For comparison, take a look at the ceiling of the north transept (the Fifth Street side of the altar).  That ceiling is painted the same color but because it is smooth plaster, the look is quite different.  Covering the ceiling boards with drywall or plaster was considered.  The idea was rejected because it would have been prohibitively expensive and because it disregarded the historical nature of the ceiling.

The paint color is not what I envisioned.  Earlier this year many parishioners volunteered suggestions for paint color.  Professional advice was needed to achieve a harmonious result.  Interior decorator Fran Wing created a color palate for us after visiting and photographing the church.  In the absence of wood floors, carpeting and furniture and with the organ draped in plastic, at this time it is difficult to get a true sense of color.

The lighting is harsh.  Right now there is a mish-mash of old lightbulbs of varying quality.  New LED bulbs will replace every bulb in the church.  The new bulbs will supply a clear, consistent light.  They will also conserve energy, save money, last for decades and eliminate the need to climb tall ladders to replace them.  New lenses (shades) on the fixtures will soften and disperse the light.

What about chairs instead of pews?  The historic nature of our pews and the high price of replacing them with alternate seating drove the decision to have our pews moderately refinished.  Since the ends and the backs/bookracks were in relatively good shape, only the seats and seat backs were sanded and refinished.  A preliminary test on one pew yielded a good result.  The remaining pews are now finished, ready to return to the church when the time comes.

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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Mark's Men invite the parish and guests to our annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper in the Hafer House Ballroom!