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Class of 2021 to 2023

The Vestry of an Episcopal church is the governing board, responsible for the finances, facilities, and programs of the church. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, St. Mark's conforms to the laws of the State of Oregon and donations to the church are tax-deductible. Officers of the Vestry include Senior Warden (Board Vice-Chair), Junior Warden (Property Chair), Treasurer (Finance Chair), and Clerk (Secretary of the Corporation). The Rector is the Board Chairperson and President of the corporation. Each Vestry member serves a three-year term (expiring in late January of the year noted below) and is required to take a year off before being eligible to serve for another term.

Class of 2021

Joan Fish (Clerk/Secretary)

Sam Freshour (Sr. Warden)

Trevor Thorndike (Jr. Warden)

Jan Martin (Treasurer, non-Vestry)


Class of 2022

Deb Bradley

Catherine Carnes

Francis Plowman


Class of 2023

Patty Casey

Bill Dames

Kathy Garrett


Vestry Lock up see Ministries/Support tab for current schedule

(Please remember that the Vestry member assigned to lock-up duty is the backup counter for each week in the instance of a counter's unplanned absence.)


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