Living with Coronavirus

Living in the Wilderness: Church and the Coronavirus

Updated August 10, 2020

As the Covid-19 Coronavirus situation moved from immediate crisis to long-term reality, St. Mark's and other churches across this city, state, nation, and world are adapting and beginning to make plans for our most unusual Program Year (September 2020 to June 2021) ever. Given the current situation, it is unlikely that we will be fully together, with everyone in the congregation in one place, until next summer. In betwen now and then, we will have some opportunities to gather in small groups on occasion, to gather for worship in slightly larger groups, and certainly to keep in touch with one another by Zoom, telephone, email, or even old-fashioned paper mail.

We are considering how to re-introduce Sunday School for our youth and children, likely a combination of mailed packages and monthly physically distanced gatherings.

It is now over four months since we began "going virtual" on March 22. It was initially via Facebook and we are simulcasting to both Facebook and  YouTube under the following links:


FaceBook (our usual page--like us and follow us!):

As we move towards the fall, there will be two notable changes to our worship. The first is that we will be attempting to use Zoom as a way of involving more people in our worship service, while still live-streaming on YouTube. This will involve more people in reading lessons, leading prayers, and perhaps even singing a few solos. More information will be found in the eNewsletter when this change is implemented.

Again, thank you for your continued engagement with, and support of, St. Mark's during this time.

-- The Rector and Vestry of St. Mark's

Resources for Prayer and Worship

We also have some options available to us as Episcopalians that don't involve in-person worship gatherings. If you have a Book of Common Prayer (BCP), you are invited to pray Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and/or Compline. If you don't have a BCP handy, you can access an online one by clicking here. You can also download a PDF copy by clicking here.  You can "pray along" with Morning Prayer each day by listening to "A Morning at the Office" (from Forward Movement) by clicking here. An additional resource is the Daily Office from the Mission of St. Clare, which includes music. They also have an iPhone app and an Android app for daily use.

There are also a large number of resources offered to sustain us individually in worship, many of them by Forward Movement. Some that are available are:
Forward Day by Day Online:
This is an online version of the classic devotional book we have available in church.
Forward Day by Day Podcast:
If you're into podcasts (online audio broadcasts), you can access the Forward Day by Day Podcast and get a daily devotional reading.
Faith at Home eNewsletter:
A weekly newsletter with prayers, activities, etc... for home.