January 2018  
Today's Events


Warming Shelter at First Presbyterian Church
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Volunteers are needed to help prepare and serve lunch, and visit with the needy
B & G Update: October 18, 2015

Buildings and Grounds Update

The pews are back, the lights have new lenses and it was an all-volunteer effort!  Many thanks to these generous parishioners who saved us much money and increased the abundance of love in our beautiful church:

  • Kevin Klabunde, who drove the truck and supervised the all-day effort to transfer our restored pews from the refinisher to the church.
  • Barry Johnson, who planned, measured, procured supplies, directed and completed the installation of the new light lenses and the pews.  It is impossible to calculate the value of his devotion, his expertise and his many days of work.
  • Earl King, Barry’s right-hand-man.  Those long, heavy pews require teamwork.  Earl’s “Habitat know-how” and sense of humor enhanced the work day after day!
  • Bob Wille and Randy and Susan Doyal, who installed pews and proved that many hands make light work.  (Lighter work, actually . . . it was still a lot of work!!)

COMING SOON:  worship returns to the church on November 1st . . . followed by brunch in the parish hall!