Food Pantry

The St. Mark's Episcopal Church Food Pantry
Celebrating a decade of feeding Rogue Valley families!

Good news! The Food Pantry at St. Mark's is open again!
With Covid-19 Pamdemic procedures  in place, what's different? The date, time, location, and process have changed a little. Please share this new pantry information with anyone who might be interested.

When?    The Food Pantry is now open Wednesday mornings, 9 am to 11 am (or whenever we run out of food!). 

Where?   Food Pantry pick-up is on the alley behind the new church building at 140 North Oakdale Avenue in Medford.

Directions: The Food Pantry at St. Mark's is now a drive-through service.
Turn off West 5th St. onto the little alley that runs between N. Oakdale and N. Ivy St, along the back of the church buildings.
Drive forward and a volunteer will help you load a pre-filled box into your car. Then pull forward and exit on W. 6th St.  
If you're on foot, get in line behind the cars and a volunteer will help you put food into your cart or backpack. 
What's Involved? The Food Pantry at St. Mark's is now a primary ACCESS food pantry, so bring your ACCESS card or Link2Feed card. A volunteer will record the number.
If you're new to this system, a volunteer will welcome you, help you fill out the application form, and give you food to start you off. 

Please help us reach out to our community, now that so many are in need. Share this information, come volunteer, or help us by making a donation. We greatly appreciate your support! 
We look forward to once again providing families the food they need to thrive!
Want to volunteer? Contact the church office at (541) 773-3111 or email